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I used to be dreaming out loud. My thirst for fellowship and equality inside of a observe placing is most likely in no way likely to occur. The truth is I’ve been involved with several these kinds of teams, with out a leader, and so they usually degenerated into competing agendas.

As to the remainder of your post, I have not witnessed everything of a similar character whatsoever, and the only one that is speaking is a individual who is of the questionable character/past.

You’ve strike on precisely the queries that many difficulties me immediately after twenty five years of koan research and 5 years of educating the koan syllabus. I don’t are convinced the koan procedure plumbs in any way sufficiently the moral aspects of awakening.

I sat one particular sesshin with Sasaki, a Rohatsu at Mt. Baldy while in the eighties. He said that sex was no longer a problem for him — the implication currently being that he was much too old by then, and that it had been prevalent awareness he had some problems.

I’d be from there similar to a shot, I’d smell it a mile off, see it in his/her guides, recognize it in his/her conduct.

The comparison in between therapy and Zen was for this objective: the latter is all the more personal and highly effective, and just as ripe for abuse with out appropriate oversight. It had absolutely nothing to carry out with the conjecturing and, needless to say, there are many types of therapy, which you can’t even start out to address “therapy” to be a uniform method of anything at all.

Sadly, you seem just as caught as I at the time was in defending what we believe would be the “true offer.” Actually I feel we have been both of those suitable. For my part, the two Shimano and Sasaki can speak in the depth of unknowing. I also Feel they'd be the 1st to confess They may be human with genuine flaws; however, whatever they as well as their existing supporters can’t confess is the amount of hurt they've got induced their own personal sangha’s about many years.

I Individually have considerable affection for Sasaki, but I wouldn’t idealize him, or say he experienced transcended his ego. He experienced some point of view on it, but was often out of control. I’m not a woman, so I had been treated like among the boys at Mount Baldy. Say what you might, his conduct in the direction of female in sanzen is inappropriate.

I'm positive Sasaki will not mind, and he has accomplished well, all stated and done, irrespective of general public comment and perception. He's and will almost always be the preeminent Zen Master of our times, and has taught exceptionally well to 1000's..his Zen is from the intestine and the level of that mastery is known by a lot of, Regardless of precisely what is examine here. As to safety of students, beatings, rapes and robberies, needless to say there is a line.

I for one particular am not Unwell of studying about new scandals. Quite the opposite, with Each individual new revelation, the Zen apologists’ “couple lousy apples spoiling the barrel” argument results in being even more amusing. Permit Real Dharma Continue on!

I'm also a practicing Quaker, a member of College Good friends Meeting in Seattle, so I very much realize and appreciate your admiration of Close friends. I've a foot in each traditions and both of those have greatly to offer. Just one isn't correct or a lot better than the opposite They are really just various and each strategy “works.

6. How can we inform what? Who really should we govern? Who will we have confidence in into the ring of educating? In Tibetan There's also reasonably unorthodox solutions. Rinzai himself whacked quite a few a scholar, no news on regardless of whether he had sex with any.

Joshu Sasaki Roshi, the founder and Abbot of Rinzai-ji has become a hundred and five several years aged, and he has engaged in several varieties of inappropriate sexual romantic relationship with all those who have come to him as learners since his arrival below much more than fifty several years back. His occupation of misconduct has run the gamut from Recurrent and recurring non-consensual groping of woman pupils all through job interview, to sexually coercive immediately after hrs “tea” conferences, to affairs and sexual interference during the marriages and interactions of his students.

And I ask you: must we look at a “realm gem’s” neurotic, ego-pushed need to generate Other individuals submit as OK?

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